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Miss J Alexander is excited about Doctor Brenner's Rx foot care products


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With Carole Radziwill at Next Artist Beauty Suite Lounge. She is proudly holding her bag full of
Doctor Brenner's Rx Foot Care products.




Winterize Your Feet

Sure, the winter is a beautiful magical season. But for your feet, it can be rough. Dr. Brenner's Rx Hydration cream softens and restores moisture to dry, cracked and calloused feet and can be used as a body cream to help keep your skin feeling soft and supple all year long. To purchase, visit nycprivatemedical.com or call (212) 227-9655.

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Did Winter Eff Up Your Feet? Here's How To Fix 'Em

Cracked heels are both physically painful and painful to look at. And, they're not just limited to sandal season, either. In fact, we usually find ourselves hiding our roughed-up heels year-round. Like keeping our blisters at bay, it's a matter of providing hydration, hydration, and more hydration and — in this case — practicing proper exfoliation. Dr. Brenner suggests exfoliating twice weekly to treat daily buildup of dead skin. Any sort of exfoliating scrub will do, whether it's formulated for the face or body. (Dr. Brenner favors St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub.) Follow up with moisture in the form of a thick cream or hydrating treatment. Our pick? Dr. Brenner's own brand of Rx Moisturizing Booties. Pop 'em on, head to bed, and wake up to smooth, supple feet.


See the Dr. Brenner's Rx Ad in The Lounge Magazine

Ad is on page 27.

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Gnarly Feet? Why Summer Might Be To Blame

Sweat. Street gook. Fungus.Summertime is not always good times when it comes to your feet. It can all add up to some major foot health issues, not to mention making your peds unsightly when all you want to do is show them off. Here, we tapped a few foot pros to help give us the inside track of what all that fun in the sun is doing to our feet. Read on to get the scoop, and learn how to keep your hardest working extremity in tip-top shape.

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For the times when red lipstick and a good blowout don’t quite cut it, often a killer pair of heels is all that is needed to take your aesthetic appeal from six to midnight. But like all good things in life, our general preoccupation with heels has its setbacks—just ask any girl who’s opted to grin and bear a bit of foot pain in favor of that pair of pumps she just dropped her rent money on.

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Fashion Snoops

Dr. Hillary Brenner is a podiatric surgeon practicing in New York City. She is board certified and an authority on foot health issues, which is why her products are a must in your foot care regime! The Hydration Foot Cream is a pleasant scented, water in oil cream used for softening and restoring moisture to dry cracked or calloused skin. The Moisturizing Booties are socks that contain a gel lining infused with avocado oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil to nourish and soften the feet. The Deodorizing Shoe Spray is a fungicidal, sanitizing deodorant spray for shoes and boots. The Exfoliating Foot Scrub is a podiatrist formulated foot and body scrub used to exfoliate dry skin, corns and callouses. The Rejuvenating Foot Soak is the best way to fight foot odor, relieve achy feet and soften corns and callouses.

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Wonder Product

Podiatrist Dr. Hillary Brenner has launched a new product we're obsessed with!

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Tom Schwartz from Vanderpump Rules understands proper foot care.

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Katie Maloney from Vanderpump Rules loves our product too.

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How exactly do we get rid these disgusting little guys without totally damaging our nail, and, just as importantly, how do we prevent them from sneaking up on us again? Podiatrist Hillary Brenner D.P.M gave offers her best pro advice for doing just that.

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Next Artists "The Lounge" Magazine 4th Edition

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